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Friday, 28 February 2014

What is .frm, .myi, .myd. txt file in PhpMyadmin and MySQl?

When creating the table in database,that time 3 text file is generated in local.That files are 
 .FRM  =>  It has the table structure of your table or table definition

 .MYI  =>   It has the indexes of your table

 .MYD =>   It contains your data

Generally you can find the data directory of your file with your .my.cnf file. The physical structure of db is some thing like a directory structure, where each database is a subdirectory under the main directory and has some files in it. Each table has its own file. Bascially one can see three types of files .frm, .myi, .myd.. But they are not same for all tables and db. They differ based on the engines you use and sometimes even differ with the os. There are lots of other factors that is in the backend behind the type of files you see. We will  see some basic differences.

For ex: if your db name is school and tables called class and student. The Physical structure will have a directory called school and files class.frm, class.myi, class.myd, student.frm, student.myi, student.myd.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

  To import csv files into the mysql table,for this removing the header of the csv files and then run the below script.It will be insert into our mysql table.

//Import csv files into mysql table

LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE 'd:\\Site.csv' INTO TABLE `siteurl` 


Character Escape Sequence

\0 An ASCII NUL (0x00) character
\b A backspace character
\n A newline (linefeed) character
\r A carriage return character
\t A tab character
\Z ASCII 26 (Control+Z)

Note : Your File must be a Csv file.Then only it will be working.
  Csv File Name as Site.csv
  Table Name as siteurl

Csv Files import in MySql, Csv Files import in php, Import CSV Files into MySQL table

Monday, 3 February 2014

    By using array_diff() function , we can remove the array values in php

       $arr_remove = array('Codingslover', 'webslessons', 'meetcity', 
       'eshopoffers','google'); $arr = array_diff($arr_remove, array('webslessons', 'google')); echo "<pre>";print_r($arr_remove); echo "<pre>";print_r($arr); ?>